Our winery is located 7 kilometers from Colmar, in the heart of the Alsatian wine-growing region. The parcels of land span several municipalities (namely, Eguisheim-Herrlisheim, Wettolsheim, and Wintzenheim), and therefore benefit from the much diversified terroirs provided by the famous Colmar hillsides.

    This diversity enables us to carry out plot-by-plot winemaking, and as a consequence, highlight the specificities of each terroir.

    It wasn’t until the 1970s that Victor and his wife, Thérèse, fully devoted themselves to viticulture. Thus, enhancing the value of their production by bottling and marketing wine directly to consumers. At this point, their status evolved from producer to winemaker.

    Their daughter, Béatrice, joined them in 1993. She took over the management of the winery in 2007, all the while maintaining its familial and artisanal character. Her love for the vines and nature has allowed her to express her passion through her wines.

    Our History

    Victor Hertz Senior came from a winemaking family in Eguisheim. He moved to Herrlisheim to start a family in 1938. In addition to viticulture, Victor Hertz Senior had several other occupations that helped him support his family.

    Victor Hertz Junior took over the family business in 1954, successively expanding it from 2.5 to 20 acres.

    In the vineyard

    The Victor Hertz Winery now farms over 21 acres of vineyards and produces all the “protected designation of origin” products, Alsace, Alsace Grands Crus Steingrübler and Pfersigberg, and Crémant d'Alsace, available through all 7 Alsatian grape varieties. The parcels’ average age is 40.L’âge moyen des parcelles est de 40 ans.

    Every other row of vines is grassed organically. The second row is superficially tilled and sown with rye or wheat to improve soil fertility and underground structure.

    The excessive use of tractors tramps down the soil, which is why most activities are done manually.

    Phytosanitary treatments are reduced to a strict minimum in accordance with an integrated pest control

    In order to produce fine Alsatian wine, our grapes are handpicked at optimum ripeness. In the cellar.

    In the Cellar

    As winemakers, we have expert knowledge about the entire process of wine production. The vinification and bottling work is done onsite.

    After a selective sorting process in the vineyards, our grapes are gently pressed whole for several hours (without subsidence or trituration) in order to obtain a clear juice with very little sediment.

    After static cold settling, the spontaneous and controlled fermentations last from a few weeks to several months.

    The wines are matured on fine lees until being bottled.

    For red wines, the destemmed grapes are put in maceration tanks for 10 to 20 days. This vatting period not only allows the alcohol to ferment but also enables the extraction of color and tannins.


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